engin TMD 31A - maintenance

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engin TMD 31A - maintenance

Postby paepi » Mon Jul 07, 2014 3:10 pm

Hi everybody
I'm used to do on my own ordinary maintenance, and this is quite normal.
Ordinary means filters, oil, cooler, water pump, c pump, zinc, not much more.
Is there in your opinion some big item at risk need to be maintained? what about distribution? how often does it need maintenance? valves?
I also have a "grey smoke" issue... air filter is ok, propeller is clean, raiser is new, the "mechanic" said its due to poor compression in one cilinder, and as far as it runs I can survive with a low compression.... any idea?


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Re: engin TMD 31A - maintenance

Postby streetcar » Tue Jul 08, 2014 12:44 am

My engine is a TMD 31B. So pretty similar. It was rebuilt in 2006. Very good engine. I have been taking care of it for 3 years now. These are the problems I have had:
- cooling (sea)water leak into gearbox. There is a copper heat exchanger in the gearbox for the cooling water. This cracked and leaked water into the gear oil. Fortunately previous owner had provided spare gearbox which I raided for the copper exchanger. Lesson: check gear oil regularly for emulsification. Note getting the gearbox off is possible without moving drive shaft, BUT very difficult.
- injection pump. Apparently not rebuilt as part of the engine rebuild. I had a throttle problem when maneuvering with warm engine. Sometimes the engine would not respond to increasing throttle with lever. I spent a huge amount of time and worry trying to solve this and nearly crashed the boat several times. Volvo mechanic in Portugal diagnosed the problem in the injection pump first time. Bosch rebuilt it and since then all fine.
- wiring harness on engine sometimes disconnects through vibration. Easy fix, but means you lose electrics. Engine still operates, but may damage alternators.
- overheat alarm sender malfunctioned. I first thought it was the heat exchanger, but turned out to be only the alarm sender. Easy fix. Always carry an infra red temp sensor.
- start battery cabling. The HT cabling goes through various connectors and switches. I don't like this as there is potential resistance in every cable lug crimp. I had a total 4 volts loss between the battery and the starter terminals which caused the starter to struggle sometimes. I have now soldered new lugs onto all the cable ends. There is still a 1 volt loss which is nearly all in the rotary switch behind the chart table, but I can live with this for now.
Other than the usual:
- check turbo spins freely
- grease throttle lever assembly
- service the shaft seal (replace as recommended if volvo seal)
good luck!

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engin TMD 31A maintenance

Postby angelaBlut » Sat Feb 20, 2016 5:44 am

I have a Mr Heater for my wood shop. It is the 115,000 BTU version. It heats things up pretty fast but it sure does burn the propane.

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